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Childhood is a great time, when children believe in fairy tales and everything is possible. You can be a princess, a knight, a fairy.We are now doing the project Kid’s Dreams and let this beautiful child’s imagination be visible on the photo’s.untitled_3721
The first Saturday of November we had a beautiful family with three wonderful kids as our hero’s working with us.The theme was a fairy tale with two courage men and an amazing princess.We had Binnenhof in the Hague as location, but it is also a beloved place for tourists. Our challenge was let all the people “disappear” on the photo.
The second challenge was the sky. As you can see on the first photo, the sky was not so interesting, but thanks to our collection of Sky Photo’s, what we made the previous months, we could settle this challenge.
Great applaus to our three hero’s! The result is just amazing!!!